Winchester Energy Limited ACN 168 586 445 (Winchester) lodged a prospectus (Prospectus) with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on 8 August 2014. Winchester proposes to be admitted to the Official List of ASX Limited.

Please read this notice and disclaimer in order to view the Prospectus.

This Prospectus relates to the following:

  1. an offer of up to 75,000,000 shares at an issue price of A$0.20 per share (Shares) to raise up to A$15,000,000, with a minimum subscription of A$10,000,000 and a maximum oversubscription of an additional A$5,000,000 (Offer); and
  2. to enable the Company to comply with the requirements of Chapters 1 and 2 of the Listing Rules of the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX), as part of its application for admission to the official list of ASX.

In accordance with Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), this Prospectus is subject to an exposure period (Exposure Period). The purpose of the Exposure Period is to enable this Prospectus to be examined by market participants prior to the issue of Shares, which examination may result in the identification of deficiencies in the Prospectus.

During the Exposure Period, which is a period of seven (7) days from the date of lodgement (of the original prospectus on 8 August 2014) or such other period (not exceeding 14 days after the lodgement date) as ASIC may require, the posting of the Prospectus on this website does not constitute an offer of shares in Winchester. Applications for Shares under this Prospectus will not be processed until after expiry of the Exposure Period pursuant to Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act. All Applications received during the Exposure Period will be treated as if they were simultaneously received on the date on which the Offers open. If the Prospectus is found to be deficient, applications received during the exposure period will be dealt with in accordance with section 724 of the Corporations Act.

Following the expiry of the Exposure Period, the Offers under the Prospectus are available only to those persons specified in the Prospectus.

Securities in Winchester will only be issued on the basis of the application form provided with the Prospectus (Application Form). If the Application Form is not completed correctly it may still be treated as valid. The Directors’ decision as to whether to treat the acceptance as valid and how to construe, amend or complete the Application Form, is final.

The Corporations Act prohibits any person from passing an Application Form to another person unless it is attached to a hard copy of the Prospectus or the complete and unaltered electronic version of the Prospectus displayed on this website. The distribution of the Prospectus or Application Forms in
jurisdictions outside Australia may be restricted by law and therefore persons who obtain this Prospectus or Application Form(s) should seek advice on and observe any such restrictions. Any failure to comply with these restrictions may constitute a violation of applicable securities laws.

The Prospectus does not constitute an offer or an invitation in any place outside Australia where, or to any person to whom, it would be unlawful to make such an offer or invitation. It is the responsibility of any applicants who are citizens or residents of jurisdictions outside of Australia to ensure compliance with all laws of any country which are relevant to their applications.

Applicants for securities in Winchester should read the Prospectus in its entirety and, if necessary, seek professional advice before applying for securities in Winchester. The securities offered by this Prospectus should be considered speculative in nature and investors should be aware that they may lose some or all of their investment. Particular consideration should be given to the risk factors in the Prospectus which may affect the financial performance of Winchester.

Paper copies of the Prospectus are available free of charge during the period of the Offers by contacting Winchester.

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